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Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association representing companies involved in the distribution, rental and support of equipment used in construction, mining, forestry, power generation, agriculture and industrial applications.

Our 500 distributor member companies account for more than $60 billion of annual sales revenue of construction equipment and related supplies and services in the U.S. and Canada. Our average distributor member achieves more than $120 million per year in revenues, employs 300 people, and has 4 branch locations. AED serves:

  • Independent distributors that sell, rent, and provide aftermarket support for construction equipment and related equipment and products
  • Manufacturers of construction and related equipment and products
  • Suppliers of business services, including finance, insurance, business systems/ERP and others

We enhance the ongoing success and profitability of our member companies by creating and providing high quality products, services and information, including:

  • Public policy advocacy – AED is our members’ voice in Washington
  • Industry education, training and career development
  • Research, analysis, and information on markets, economic and business trends, and performance benchmarks
  • Events and opportunities that enhance networking, facilitate business-to-business interaction and cooperation, and cultivate sources of capital and finance
  • Public relations that promotes knowledge, understanding, and enhancement of the evolving role of distributors in North American markets

We believe in and encourage the highest business standards and ethical behavior. We are committed to strengthening the free enterprise system. We encourage synergy and cooperation among individuals and companies when pursuing the industry’s common interests. We value continuous improvement and lifelong learning, and we encourage and support members of the industry in their active participation in the processes of government.

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