Attendee Guidelines

AED Summit and CONDEX Attendee Guidelines

The purposes of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Summit Convention and CONDEX, and related activities, (“the Event”) are as follows:

  1. To create a forum for AED members to participate in the affairs of the association;
  2. To advance the common interests of equipment industry companies;
  3. To partake in educational programming;
  4. To network with industry colleagues;
  5. To strengthen existing business relationships; and
  6. To identify new business opportunities.

To further these purposes, the Association has adopted these guidelines to govern the Event. Every attendee shall be considered to have notice of these guidelines and, by being admitted to the Event, agrees to abide by them. AED reserves the right to eject any individual or company from the Event who violates these rules or who otherwise acts in a manner inconsistent with the purposes of the event. In such case, the event registration fee will not be refunded.

1) Every Event registrant shall receive a badge from AED. Individuals without official badges shall be denied Entry to the event. Badges are not transferable.

2) Event attendees shall be respectful of other attendees and shall not engage in conduct designed to intimidate or harass any individual or company, or that creates an unduly hostile or inflammatory atmosphere.

3) Event attendees shall, at all times, act professionally, respectfully, and in furtherance of the purposes of the Event.

4) No person under the age of 18 will be admitted to the Event without the express permission of a duly authorized agent of AED.

5) CONDEX exhibitors and Event sponsors have compensated the Association for the opportunity to communicate with event attendees. Therefore, in fairness to our exhibitors and Event sponsors, only literature approved or published by AED may be distributed in the registration area, meeting rooms, exhibit areas, and outside the exhibit areas. Non-approved items will be removed.

6) Individuals or companies that have not purchased exhibit space may not solicit business or engage in outreach to meeting attendees within or near the exhibit areas. Any individual or company found to be conducting business or engaged in public outreach as outlined in the aforementioned manner is in violation of these rules and shall be removed from the exhibit hall.

7) Event attendees are prohibited from displaying any unauthorized signs in the Event areas. Only AED or bona fide exhibitors may display signs on the CONDEX floor.  All unapproved signs will be removed.

8) Attendees understand and consent to AED’s use of their image, likeness, appearance, name, and voice (hereinafter “Image”) in promotional and marketing materials used for a commercial or fundraising purpose for the benefit of AED. This consent will apply to all Images taken or commissioned by AED during my attendance at the Event, and will apply to the use of those Images at all times both during and after my attendance at the Event. By attending the Event, all Attendees waive any claims to compensation or damages based on the use of their Image by AED for commercial or fundraising purposes.

9) The President and CEO of AED shall be the sole decision maker in interpreting and enforcing these guidelines.  Any decision made by the Association’s President and CEO regarding violation of these rules or to eject an attendee or company from the event shall be final. AED reserves the right to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances and the decision to do so shall not constitute a waiver of the future applicability of any rule.

10) These guidelines may be modified or changed at any time without notice to Event attendees.

Any questions about these rules or notices of violation should be directed to AED General Counsel, Michael A. Airdo, of Kopon Airdo, LLC, at 312-506-4480, or by email at