Membership Information

Distributors: Our largest and primary group of members. These 470 companies, represent over 3,000 locations, are independent, full service distributorships that sell and rent equipment and provide a wide range of product-support services.

For more information on distributor memberships, please contact our Membership Development Specialist, Scott McPherson, at 312-882-2473 or at

Manufacturers:  Over 185 heavy, general and light construction machinery makers belong to AED to establish and maintain business relationships with our distributor members, and to stay abreast of trends in distribution.
Service Companies: Over 125 companies belong to AED to market their specialized services to equipment dealers in such areas as financing, information technology, insurance, publishing and consulting.
Publications: Industry publication companies not only join AED to get their name across our industry, it’s a great way to stay abreast with industry news & network with industry companies.

For more information on manufacturer, service provider or publication memberships, please contact our Vice President of Sales, Jon Cruthers, at 630-468-5127 or at