An Involved AED Membership

Become involved with your AED Membership by participating in our various committees. To find out more information about a specific committee, contact the committee contact.

Emerging Leaders: Be part of shaping AED’s future now! Participate in meetings and phone conferences to guide program content that meets your needs.

Committee Contact: Phil Riggs
Phone: 630-468-3622

Manufacturers’ Advisory Council: AED embraces our manufacturer members and established this group to give OEM executives a platform to share ideas that will help manufacturers engage more effectively and prosperously within the association.

Committee Contact: Jon Cruthers
Phone: 630-468-5127

Small Dealers Committee: Smaller-sized dealerships that carry lighter equipment have different objectives with training, operations, advocacy and more – here you can share best practices and articulate how AED can serve this segment of membership.

Committee Contact: Ben Yates
Phone: 630-468-4232

Advocacy Action Group (AAG): This is a group of leading AED members working to advance the equipment industry’s policy agenda by strengthening relationships between distributors and lawmakers.

Committee Contact: Daniel Fisher
Phone: 202-897-8799