An Involved AED Membership

Become involved with your AED membership by participating in our various committees. To find out more information about a specific committee, contact the committee contact.

Emerging Leaders Council: Be part of shaping AED’s future now! Participate in meetings and phone conferences to guide program content that meets your needs.

Committee Contact: Sean Fitzgerrel
Phone: 630-468-5130

Manufacturers’ Advisory Group: AED embraces our manufacturer members and established this group to give OEM executives a platform to share ideas that will help manufacturers engage more effectively and prosperously within the association.

Committee Contact: Jon Cruthers
Phone: 630-468-5127

Small Dealers Committee: Smaller-sized dealerships that carry lighter equipment have different objectives with training, operations, advocacy and more – here you can share best practices and articulate how AED can serve this segment of membership.

Committee Contact: Michael Murray
Phone: 630-468-5129

Public Policy Council (PPC): A select group of leading AED members that meet regularly to receive exclusive briefings from key policymakers and discuss the association’s legislative and political activities.

Committee Contact: Daniel Fisher
Phone: 202-897-8799

The AED Foundation’s Workforce Development Committee: The AED Foundation is actively addressing the critical shortage of skilled professionals in the construction equipment industry. This committee was established to strengthen industry engagement to further develop best practices to improve workforce related challenges.

Committee Contact: Marty McCormack
Phone: 630-642-9108