2022 Summit Leadership Track

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Tax & Financial Planning with the New Tax Laws
Michael Duffy
Merrill Lynch Private Wealth

2022 will likely bring many changes to tax law under the Biden administration that will impact many businesses and families. Attend this session and learn how you should be navigating the new tax laws, and strategies to consider to help preserve your wealth.

Leadership is the New Coaching
Tim Hagen

There is no greater tool to develop talent than a leader who is skilled in coaching his or her employees. While training is extremely valuable, nothing replaces the relationship between a leader who coaches and invests in his or her people.

During this session, specific techniques beyond traditional coaching concepts will be taught, as they can help dealerships drive talent development and retention that leads to greater productivity, positioning the dealership for success.

Topics include:

  • What really motivates people
  • How to coach when time is limited
  • Why career coaching retains and develops top talent
  • A 30 second coaching technique that drives trust and commitment
  • A conversation model that facilitates successful delegation and accountability
  • How to apply peer to peer coaching as a tool to drive performance and future leaders


Forecasting for 2022: An Economic Outlook
Mark Vitner
Wells Fargo

Attend this session and get an expert’s view of the U.S. economy and learn how it will impact the equipment industry. Learn the strengths and concerns for the U.S. macro economy, including the labor market, inflation trends, as well as key sectors such as housing and capital expenditures.


If You Want Peace, Prepare for War: Strategies for Risk Mitigation & Litigation Avoidance
Mark Leitner, Joseph Goode, & John Halpin
Laffey, Leitner & Goode, LLC

George Washington once said that it was important for men to understand that “offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defense.”

In this session, three trial lawyers will show that this sage advice from 1799 still holds true today, using real world examples to discuss risk mitigation strategies and best practices for avoiding protracted litigation.


Driving Great Results: Practical & Proven Tools for Dealer Success
Luke Sheppard
Sheppard & Company

Dealer leadership expects a lot from their front line managers. But are your managers equipped to run your business efficiently and drive the results you seek?

This leadership perspective on the Driving Great Results method provides insight into the tools managers need to be successful and how you enable their success.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing the importance of defining and communicating your values to guide your people in their decision making
  • Killer coaching questions to get to the root cause of issues and help your managers stay focused
  • How to recognize dysfunction and guide your team away from the swirl
  • How to build and lead sustainable teams


Shifting Culture and Performance
Alysun Hudepohl
Human Synergistics

The distinguishing feature of leading organizations is their culture—and developing constructive leaders and teams is essential to strengthening any organization’s culture for business success. Yet, it often feels like trying to boil the ocean when we think of trying to address cultural issues and concerns.

By connecting culture to your top priorities, you can narrow the focus and bridge the gap between actual and ideal culture to achieve the desired outcomes. This session will help you discover approaches to link culture to effectiveness and shift your dealership’s cultural norms to optimize performance.

Topics include:

  • How organizational culture works and how to bridge the gap between actual and desired culture
  • How to shift culture and improve performance
  • Best practices, approaches, and tools to help you change your culture


Insights from “the Swamp”: A U.S. Political and Policy Discussion
Daniel B. Fisher, Associated Equipment Distributors
Chris McCannell, GrayRobinson

Unlike the Orlando area, the Washington, D.C. swamp doesn’t have alligators. However, it does have its own wild creatures, including members of Congress, political consultants, and, of course, lobbyists. Hear from Washington insiders and experts for the latest from the U.S. political and policy world and receive updates on the issues important to the equipment industry.

The Future of Equipment Sales and Service
Umesh Goel, Inga Maurer, & Nicolaas Kramer
McKinsey & Company

As the construction industry is facing a “new normal”, fundamental changes are reshaping the market. End-user expectations are shifting rapidly, with an increasing importance on convenience and digital sales, sustainability, and aftermarket services. In addition, OEMs are shifting to new models that create revenue channels beyond traditional machinery sales and increase the amount of available data, and new technologies are entering the market including electrified and connected equipment.

These new market forces have significant implications for equipment dealers. In this session, executives from McKinsey & Company will share a perspective on the future of sales and service, including key opportunity areas and threats for dealers. In addition, presenters will aim to define the current maturity of dealers in the journey to achieve the future state, including capability requirements going forward, and laying out how other stakeholders in the industry (e.g., OEMs, end-customers) play a role in shaping the future state. The insights are based on perspectives shared by AED members from a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, as well as learnings and best practices from parallel industries, to jointly define what the future can look like for equipment dealers.

Roundtable Discussion: Trade & Labor
John Manzella
Manzella Trade Communications, Inc.

In this roundtable discussion, John Manzella will provide valuable analysis on:
• trade policy, supply chain issues, China, USMCA, and Europe
• labor, skills, automation, and immigration
Attendees will be given the opportunity to be active participants and share collective knowledge, best practices, and insight, and discuss obstacles, solutions, and strategies in a confidential environment.
This roundtable session will help attendees better understand today’s new realities and critical issues, more accurately assess and reduce risk, secure competitive advantages, and better prepare for what’s ahead.

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