Canadian Provincial Spending Letters

Canadian Provincial Spending Letters

Provincial spending letters offer an indispensable opportunity for businesses to request budget changes and bills on a governmental level. Each of our members has a specific set of public interest needs in order to keep their business running smoothly, such as improved public infrastructure, expanded construction projects and increased educational opportunities. Provincial spending letters provide a formal avenue to state your request and include relevant industry statistics to support the cause, enhancing your likelihood of a successful outcome.

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How AED Supports Members Through Provincial Spending Letters

Associated Equipment Distributors supports the best interests of our Canadian members through organizing and distributing provincial spending letters as needed. These provincial spending letters leverage our expansive network and trusted reputation in order to advocate for the causes our members care about. 

Associated Equipment Distributors utilizes our meticulously compiled data and industry surveys in order to bolster each provincial spending letter request. Well fight for your best interests and advocate for the future outcomes and success of businesses in your industry. Our goal, as always, is to ensure that our Canadian equipment distributors and manufacturers as well as their customers can access the resources needed to excel in the long term. 

How Advocacy Helps Our Members in Canada

Your agenda deserves consideration. Your voice should be heard. Associated Equipment Distributors has long been an active advocate for our Canadian members in order to represent your interests and ensure your needs are met. Our presence is stronger collectively than it is alone. As an association, we leverage our reputation and connections in order to achieve results for our members. 

Our equipment distributor advocacy in Canada extends far beyond writing provincial spending letters. As a recognized trade association, we provide public policy and advocacy services that facilitate businesses to meet directly with representatives and their senior staff to build lasting partnerships. Make the most of our advocacy opportunities and enjoy a number of invaluable benefits to your business:

  • Harness cutting-edge industry information: Associated Equipment Distributors compiles and distributes a wide variety of research and statistics relevant to your industry. We use this information to support our advocacy efforts and provide context for each provincial request. As an association member, you have access to these advocacy assets and can use them to support your cause.
  • Build valuable connections: Leverage your membership to cultivate industry connections through conferences, seminars and networking events. Many of these events are orchestrated to help our members build partnerships and learn from other industry leaders, strengthening the skills of our membership as a whole.
  • Save time and money: Our advocacy efforts take the work off your shoulders. If your industry needs recognition from the provincial government, we take the time and effort to research relevant data and advocate on your behalf. Enjoy the results without the financial and time investment of creating your own advocacy material. 

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