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Why Coaching is the New Leadership
Tim Hagen
Progress Coaching

The great resignation has taught us one especially important lesson: leaders need not demand performance; leaders must have conversations that focus on people strengths. Leaders who invest positively and consistently with employees are those people who are tough to quit on. Coaching has quickly morphed from “it would be nice to do if I had time” to organizations finally understanding “we have to do this.”
This session will address opportunities in both the finance and HR departments:
• How coaching can save organizations money through one conversation model
• How one 3-minute video provided perspective and stopped two departments from fighting with one another
• A quick story of how this model saved an organization $180,000 in less than one hour
• Why human resources often play the role of bad cop and what organizations can do to position leaders to create less headaches for HR
• The number one thing leaders need to do today to ensure organizations stop the talent exit movement
• Why emotional intelligence is required for leaders and those that are being led

Sweat the Small Stuff: Creating a Corporate Culture that Rocks
Lisa Ryan

If you want your organization to be a force for the future, it’s critical that you recognize and engage your employees more powerfully than you have in the past. Legendary cultures start with a commitment to building a foundation of trust, supporting your employees in their career aspirations, applauding their efforts, and serving the mission that is greater than your company alone.

When organizations pay attention to the “little things,” they maintain a higher retention rate, improved productivity, and increased profitability than companies who ignore the niceties that create a positive corporate culture. With Gallup reporting that approximately 68% of the workforce is disengaged or actively disengaged, this clearly is an issue you don’t want to ignore.

This session is chock-full of ideas, interactions, and implementable actions that attendees can put into practice immediately. “Sweat the Small Stuff” gives you the tools you need to succeed.

After attending this program, participants will be able to:

• Effectively articulate and recognize employee accomplishments in the way THEY want to be acknowledged
• Develop an engagement program based on authentic action aligned with your company culture
• Create a foundation of trust that creates emotional connection to the organization
• Verbalize specific feedback – both positive and negative – to acknowledge employee contributions and give them the tools they need for further development


Tax Legislation in 2022: Uncle Sam Transforms from Uncle Buck to Uncle Scrooge?
Marc Johnson & Clinton Baker
K∙Coe Isom

In 2020 Uncle Sam was our favorite Uncle – passing out good times and cash like Uncle Buck. In 2021, the payment came due, and he transformed to Uncle Scrooge threatening to take a lot of the cash and fun back from your dealership.
So, what does it mean for your dealership this year? It’s not just a question of how much your taxes may go up or down. In this session, consultants that have deep understanding of the impacts on dealership taxation will share insights and strategies for you to consider.
Your take-aways from this session will center on the value proposition of this legislation to your dealership:
• Opportunities and pitfalls for your dealership
• Opportunities and pitfalls for your customers
• Other upcoming changes and sunsetting provisions from prior legislation

A CFO’s Guide to Managing a Remote Workforce
Jill Berg
Insight Consulting

We are living in a brave new world. Remote working employees may be a phenomenon that is here to stay. How do you effectively manage a remote workforce? How do you foster collaboration and maximize productivity? It is important to be aware of the behavioral needs of employees so that you can have a positive impact on their remote work experience.
In this session, attendees will:
• Identify how managers need to adapt to managing a remote workforce
• Discover which employee types are most interested in remote work
• Discuss the impact of remote work on the dealership
• Determine ways to align the work to be done with the people doing the work

Inventory Availability & Its Impact on Your Finances
Machinery Advisors Consortium

Cybersecurity: Whose Responsibility Is It?
Johnny Sanders
BKD Cyber

In the digital age, security breaches are inevitable and have become the number one risk facing US businesses. CFOs may think cyber security is outside the realm of the finance department, however, due to the operational and financial implications of a data breach, the CFO must be able to assess the risk and explain the potential impact should a cyber-attack occur. Throughout this session, you will hear cyber-attack scenarios which will put into perspective not “if” a cyber-attack happens to your company but “when”.
Attendees will also learn:
• Alarming breach data and the potential impact on your business
• The effects of “The rush to cloud-everything”
• How to identify associated risks and vulnerabilities
• What to include in incident response and communication plans, disaster recovery plans and information security policies
• Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and data owners

Operating in an Inflationary Environment
Moderated by: Benjamin Bernal, AED
Panelists: Greg Blaszka, JESCO

With continuing economic recovery amid the pandemic and new geopolitical events, dealers must grapple with increasing commodity prices, supply constraints, and higher wages caused by labor shortages. Hear from a panel of your dealer peers on how they are weathering the storm.

Understanding Implementation & Implications of the New Lease Standard
Marc Johnson
K∙Coe Isom

It’s finally here—5-10 years in the making—the new standard that will make your financial statements look very different… and very much the same!
While the new lease standard will most likely not change the net worth or net equity of your financial statements in a material way, implementing it can be tricky, and failure to apply the standard correctly could materially and negatively impact a bank or OEM’s financial analysis of your dealership.
In this session, consultants that have deep understanding of the impacts on dealership financial analysis will share lease standard insights and strategies for you to consider.


What’s New in ’22?
Michael Airdo
Airdo Werwas LLC

AED’s General Counsel Michael A. Airdo will lead this session and offer an overview of the most important changes of the laws in 2022. Attorney Airdo will provide an in-depth discussion on the newest developments in employment law, common employer and human resources pitfalls, and best practice solutions. This session is designed to help you avoid being blindsided by these new developments and understand how these laws and regulations may affect your operations.

It Takes All of Us: Tackling Employee Stress and Burnout
Alexis Gladstone
Chatfield Global

It isn’t just because of the pandemic; chronic stress has been on the rise in recent years. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of U.S. workers say they experience stress on the job. The tools we’ve used in the past to build better teams, and work through conflict, while helpful, are not going to solve the problem long-term. As more employees head toward burnout, we need to think differently about tools that can help. This session will discuss tactics and strategies to identify, prevent, and help resolve employee burnout at your dealership.

Becoming an Option “A” Career Path: An Outside the Box Approach to Workforce Development
John Hurd, RDO Equipment
Sean Fitzgerrel, The AED Foundation

The growing demand for skilled workers (and workers in general) has become more urgent as machines become more complex, Baby Boomers retire, and the next generation of workers are pushed toward the four-year degree track. How can the industry pivot and think outside the box to fill these open positions and build sustainable pipeline programs?

This session will feature a senior executive from a leading equipment distributor on what their organization has done to engage the next generation to help satisfy the industry demand for workers. It will also feature a discussion from the heavy equipment industry’s Foundation about the work they and others are doing to fill the pipeline of workers from schools into the workforce.

Giving & Receiving Feedback
Jill Berg
Insight Consulting

Feedback, both giving and receiving, fosters trust and high-performing teams. It transcends the entire organization regardless of position. Transparent and open organizations have higher levels of engagement and achieve better results. Feedback ensures total accountability from the employees, their manager, the team and the organization.

Feedback is essential for those in HR, and this session will:
• Explore the significance of feedback
• Help you determine when to give feedback
• Explore the different types of feedback and when to use each type
• Address the six areas of impact when it comes to giving feedback

Rethinking Your Approach to Hiring
Julie Davis
Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Based on outside of the box thinking, researched best practices, and labor projections, this presentation will have you rethinking your approach to hiring and how you connect with your future workforce. Exclusionary recruiting worked when companies had more applicants than jobs to fill. We know that’s not the case today. Learn how to find more of the right people by building relationships in your community, targeting available talent pools, and posting your openings in a way that invites curiosity.

Five Technology Tips to Increasing HR Efficiency
Jessica Stimmel
K∙Coe Isom

When faced with the question of what they love about their current process and what they would be interested in changing, many wearing the HR hat quickly launch into their wish list of responsibilities they would love to have off of their plate. Some of these include duplicate data entry, paper intensive PTO request and approval processes, and a laundry list of excel spreadsheets they are using to track a myriad of information.
This session will focus on the following:
• Identifying pain points
• How to automate: omit duplicate entry of data
• Striving for integrated systems
• Streamlining the hiring process
• Identifying areas that are no longer a priority

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