Implementing Vaccine Requirements Webinar

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that information is constantly changing and implementing the proper guidelines can be challenging. Join us Tuesday, September 14 at 2:00 pm CST for our FREE webinar which will delve into the best tactics on implementing vaccine requirements in your business.

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Speaker Bio
John was a trial attorney at one of the largest civil defense law firms in Wisconsin and an AmLaw 100 firm before joining Laffey, Leitner & Goode. His experience at those firms, which includes his first jury trial win less than two years out of law school and his representation of some of the world’s best-known brands and major manufacturers, has provided him with a depth and variety of experience that truly sets him apart from his peers.

While he has litigated a wide range of commercial disputes over the past decade, the bulk of John’s practice focuses on product liability, transportation, and real estate and construction matters ranging from proper training and quality assurance through eventual trial and appeals. Although he is most at home in the courtroom, John has a particular interest in helping his clients avoid lawsuits whenever possible by advising on best practices for risk avoidance and mitigation. He regularly counsels clients about product warnings and instructions, as well as managing accident response and investigation.
Joseph S. Goode is the Managing Partner of LLG. He approaches client problems with passion and intensity as if those problems were his own.

The day he graduated from Syracuse University College of Law, Joe Goode received the George and Evelyn Marcus Award for being the graduate who best demonstrated the qualities of good judgment, ambition, understanding, compassion, and an appreciation of learning. It was an honor, but also an early indicator. In the more than two storied decades since, those exact qualities have become synonymous with Joe. They’ve not only contributed to his countless successes as an attorney both inside and out of the courtroom, but also to the standards by which all of us at LLG are held.

As the last of five children, he honed his advocacy skills early in life and became very good at letting people know where he stands. He’s a tireless leader who is intense and demanding (mostly of himself). He maintains an exacting eye of an old-school newsroom editor. Joe’s joie de vivre is infectious to everyone around him, and his passion for people is routinely used to speak for those who require his advocacy.
Mark Leitner has been successfully trying and arguing cases in Wisconsin and throughout the United States for three decades. Inspired to attend journalism school by Woodward and Bernstein’s relentless Watergate reporting, his training armed him with the investigative and fact-finding skills needed to shine as a trial lawyer. Mark combines blue-collar street smarts with an outstanding academic background to create a persuasion style that gets through to judges and juries alike.

Now a seasoned veteran, he has taken dozens of cases to verdict at trial and has handled countless injunction matters and other summary proceedings. His appellate work includes several precedent-setting cases in Wisconsin, and he is one of the very few lawyers nationwide to have won both a jury verdict and a settlement of more than nine figures.

Outside of his law practice, Mark is an exuberant sports fan, reader, and live music attendee. In 2011, he began competing in powerlifting meets, focusing on the deadlift.

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