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Monday, May 24 | 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm | Location: Jamaica
Cybersecurity and Business Risk: Five Metrics for Measuring Risk Alignment
Ryan Layton & Dr. Dale Rowe

With limited resources, investing in growth, with few exceptions, will take precedence over investments to mitigate risk. The massive uptick in cyber attacks is forcing executives to reconsider overall risk mitigation strategies. The challenge: resource limitations still remain. In this session, you will learn how aligning cybersecurity risk with prioritized business risks is paramount to maximizing dollars spent on risk reduction. Furthermore, you will learn five critical metrics you can use as an executive to ensure your IT and security teams spend on security is providing maximum benefit to your organization.

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Monday, May 24 | 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm | Location: Antigua | Sponsored by: TARGIT
The Leader Who Wasn’t
Sean Hutchinson
RFN Global

Here we are again…blasting forward out of a profoundly disruptive time that overpowered our economies and affected tens of millions. Looking back, how did you lead your company during the fog of the pandemic? How has, or hasn’t, your leadership changed over the past year?

In the heat of the mess, most of us turn to what we know. Our competence, built up over decades of experience, nudge us to fix things – so we do, to the extent we can.  We “step in.” We take control of the situation and assess the damage, seize the opportunity, or both. Interestingly, science says don’t be that leader (and avoid it with intent). In the best—most valuable—companies, the pandemic was just one more disruption. Why? This session will bring data that answer these and other questions about why “tomorrow’s leader” gets better results today.

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Monday, May 24 | 1:45 – 2:30 pm | Location: Antigua | Sponsored by: TARGIT
Leading Through Change: Building Resiliency During Crisis
Jill Berg
INsight Consulting, Inc.

We have all recently experienced uncontrollable factors which have influenced our business, customers and employees.  How do you ensure you continue to deliver on your business strategy and also keep your people engaged and productive?  This session discusses how to lead in crisis and through change to increase resilience.

Learning objectives include:

  • Recognize the need to adapt how one leads
  • Understand how to align the business strategy with the people (the work that needs to be done and who’s doing the work?)
  • Learn the behavioral emphasis of your people – under normal vs. crisis situations
  • Understand where your strategy/goals fall and how the people align to that strategy
  • Realize how one can overuse one’s strengths and gain tips to increase resilience based on one’s style
  • Recognize how to target the talents; align critical teams to the talent you need for execution to drive results
  • Actions to support strategy by leading, flexing and delegating

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Tuesday, May 25 | 2:15 – 3:30 pm | Location: Jamaica | Sponsored by: TARGIT
Negotiation Strategies for Formal and Informal Dispute Resolution aka Let’s Make a Deal
Mark Leitner, Joseph Goode, & John Halpin
Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC

Principles are important, but they come at a cost. While taking your case to trial may sound like a great idea, getting to verdict takes lots of time and money. Better yet, why not resolve problems before a lawsuit gets filed? This presentation will cover both risk avoidance and risk mitigation by offering tips for negotiating a dealership agreement that all parties can live with, as well a discussion of various dispute resolution options and best practices for resolving disputes short of trial, for those times when a fight is unavoidable.

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Tuesday, May 25 | 4:00 – 5:15 pm | Location: Jamaica | Sponsored by: TARGIT
Never Put All Your Money on 7, but Maybe on These 7 Key Principles
Marc Johnson & Clinton Baker
K·Coe Isom

The livelihood of your company has been the result of both smart and long-term decisions.  It stands to reason that the legacy of your company is dependent on the same. We would all like to put all our money on 7, hit it big, and ride off into the sunset. Putting all the responsibility of sustaining your company after you leave on underdeveloped leadership is just about as risky to your investment.

Lucky 7s aren’t just for the roulette wheel and the craps table; participants in this session will learn seven key principles to successfully position their company’s next-gen leadership for their success and yours! That is legacy, not luck.

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Wednesday, May 26 |1:30 – 2:45 pm | Location: Antigua | Sponsored by: TARGIT
Managing Your Business in Our New Reality (PANEL)
Moderated by: Greg Stangl, DLL

This discussion will explore how businesses can continue to evolve in the new reality we all live in. A panel of industry leaders will share insights on how dealers and manufacturers have shifted their business models in the past year. Learn how organizations have transformed how they operate, from planning for the future to leveraging new technologies and developing innovative best practices.

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Wednesday, May 26 | 3:15 – 4:30 pm | Location: Antigua | Sponsored by: TARGIT
It’s Infrastructure Week(s)! The Latest on Infrastructure Legislation and Other Happenings in D.C.
Daniel B. Fisher, AED
Chris McCannell, GrayRobinson

In Washington, D.C., focus has turned to infrastructure following President Biden’s unveiling of the American Jobs Plan. House and Senate action is expected to heat up over the summer and the legislation will have a significant impact on AED members and their customers. The legislative proposal will include funding for a variety of public works projects, but it will also have tax, labor and other implications beyond infrastructure funding that will affect the construction industry and the broader business community.

Join AED’s Vice President of Government Affairs Daniel B. Fisher and GrayRobinson’s Chris McCannell for a deep-dive into infrastructure policy and other issues impacting your company’s bottom line and cost-of-doing business.

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Summit Note: Professional education sessions will be available to in-person and virtual attendees. Each in-person session will be following the CDC’s guidelines for safety protocols. Please visit our Safety Protocols page here.

Summit Safety Protocols

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