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The U.S. agriculture industry contributes more than a trillion dollars to the nation’s annual gross domestic product. Those who use farm equipment on a daily basis to alter the land, harvest crops and move heavy materials need resources they can trust to help them get the job done quickly. As demands increase, so does the amount of work for farmers and industry-leading equipment.

Although the industry is essential to the economic health and viability of the United States, Canada and other countries around the world, it is experiencing significant challenges in areas such as resource depletion, food waste and land management, as well as demographic and political changes. These challenges are forcing agricultural equipment dealers to adapt and implement new strategies.

These days, companies that produce and distribute agricultural equipment need a staunch advocate to protect and promote their interests. Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association that has been representing agriculture distribution equipment companies like yours for more than a century. We offer a host of high-quality products, services and information resources that enhance the ongoing profitability and success of our members as they pursue greater market share.

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AED partners with agriculture equipment dealers all over the world, helping them strengthen their businesses while supporting the industry as a whole. In such a massive market, competition is fierce and suppliers are constantly searching for new ways to enhance their skills. At AED, we make this possible by bringing companies together to serve a like-minded cause — the growth of the agriculture industry.

Our trusted members include:

  • Distributors: Agriculture equipment distributors need access to the latest information so they can effectively market and sell their products. Distributors work directly with customers, which is why they need to be prepared for anything. Distributors represent our largest group of members, and we have a variety of professional development and growth opportunities for distributors.
  • Manufacturers: One of the keys to success in any industry is having the right equipment for the job. When it comes to manufacturing harvesting, digging and material handling equipment for farming applications, education and resources are essential. By becoming a member of AED, you can also connect with distributors and learn more about current trends.
  • Specialized service providers: It’s important for service providers to be well-versed in the equipment distribution industry and be able to deliver services for manufacturers and dealers with unique specifications. AED helps you stay up to date on finances, technology and marketing in the agriculture industry so you can deliver services that customers will rely on.
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Why Should You Become an
AED Member?

AED brings together organizations from a wide range of locations and provides the latest industry tools and resources. We care about more than serving individual businesses. We also care about the industry as a whole, and we know you’re as committed to industry growth as we are. That’s why we are a source of information and opportunities for our partners. Every change in the industry impacts your operations and your bottom line, which is why it’s important to stay up to date on all the recent trends.

Joining AED gives you access to information, educational resources and other tools all in one place. You’ll also receive the support you need to remain viable and profitable in today’s highly competitive agriculture equipment market. Most of all, you’ll have a staunch advocate in your corner that is looking out for the best interests of your company and the industry.

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Membership Benefits for the
Agriculture Industry

Becoming a member of AED gives you access to our exclusive member benefits. If you sell or rent out agricultural machinery, you can learn more about your industry by actively participating in our wide variety of events and programs. From research and political programs to symposiums and conferences, we have all types of opportunities and resources available.


  • Public policy and advocacy: Agricultural operations are now facing a wide range of political issues such as immigration reform, food safety and foreign trade agreements. These areas all directly or indirectly impact the sale and rental of equipment. By serving as the voice of farm equipment distributors in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, AED helps to implement legislative changes that will have a positive effect on the future of your business.
  • Education and professional development: We offer an assortment of webinars, seminars, self-study courses, certification tests and management certification programs designed to help managers and employers improve their skills and achieve their career objectives. Those who work in agriculture equipment distribution or service can stay up to date on best practices with our educational opportunities.
  • Information resources: AED members have access to reports and publications that will boost their industry knowledge and keep them abreast of recent developments. Get useful agriculture equipment forecasts, information regarding market trends and much more. We also give our farm equipment dealers access to CED Magazine, our award-winning news, research and review publication.
  • Events: Attending our special events such as the AED Summit will provide excellent networking opportunities where you can engage with other companies in the agricultural machinery market. You can also get a glimpse of some of the latest equipment offerings and hear from leading subject matter experts.
  • The AED Foundation: Our foundation specifically addresses workforce development and professional education as they relate to the agriculture equipment distribution industry. The Foundation also oversees the accreditation of our diesel equipment technology college programs, as well as recognized high school programs.
  • Groups: Our members can join groups such as our AED 20 Group that gathers periodically to share ideas and discuss best practices. You’ll also have access to benchmarking tools that can enhance your business’s performance and profitability. We

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With our growing network of companies and organizations working together to advance the success of the Equipment Distribution Industry. For more information about our memberships, contact our Vice President of Sales, Jon Cruthers at 630-468-5127 or reach out over email at today.

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