Cost of Doing Business Report

Cost of Doing Business Report

This report presents a detailed but straightforward analysis of the financial and operating characteristics of participating AED dealerships. This report has been designed to provide easy-to-understand guidelines for analyzing profitability and identifying business performance improvement opportunities
for your dealership.

The report includes a compilation and analysis of financial and operations data segmented by sales volume, line of business, regions (based on climate), rental emphasis, and high-profit distributors.

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Report Format

  • Analysis – An overview discussion of the results of this year’s analysis.
  • Executive Summary – A summary of key performance results including a graphical
    presentation of important ratios.
  • Detailed Results – An in-depth analysis of return on investment, the income statement, the
    balance sheet and financial and productivity ratios.
  • Sales Volume – An analysis of firms within sales volume groups.
  • Line of Business – This section presents results based upon the concentration of sales in specific
    product categories.
  • Regions – Firms were analyzed within geographic areas specified by AED.
  • Trends – An examination of changes in performance over time for key results and ratios.
  • Ratio Calculation – A summary of ratio calculations.

If you are looking for a way to measure your dealership’s performance against different segments of
the industry, the AED Cost of Doing Business report will without a doubt serve as a valuable tool for
your dealership.

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Non-Member Price: $1,190.00

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