Benchmarking Reports

Benchmarking Reports

A reliable way to gauge the performance of your business is by comparing it to the competition, as well as industry best practices. Benchmarking is a process that enables you to use specific indicators to measure your performance against that of similar companies in your industry.

As an Associated Equipment Distributors member, you can get access to benchmark reports that pertain to your industry, whether it’s construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, power generation, equipment rentals or industrial applications. Use these informative business intelligence reports to increase your operating efficiency and improve your company’s overall performance.

What Are the Benefits of Benchmarking?

The information gleaned from these dealer reports offers several benefits for your organization:

  • Identifies areas of strength, as well as those where you are lagging behind your competitors so you can make the necessary improvements
  • Allows you to monitor your company’s performance in specific areas continuously
  • Assists in your strategic planning and goal setting efforts
  • Measures current performance against projected or desired outcomes

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earth mover for construction
earth mover for construction

Why Choose AED for Your Equipment Distribution Intelligence Reports?

Associated Equipment Distributors is an international trade association that’s been representing the equipment distribution industry since 1919. Our unparalleled knowledge of the industry, combined with our proven data collection techniques, ensures you’ll have access to reliable information that will help to improve your company’s performance and profitability.

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To learn more about the benchmarking reports available to your business, please click here to view the catalog. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of becoming an AED member, please give us a call at 630-574-0650 or visit our membership information page.

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