Industry Reports

Industry Reports

We live in an information age where there is an ample supply of data at our disposal. Companies that are proficient at cultivating and using information can anticipate trends and gain an edge over their competitors.

By becoming an Associated Equipment Distributors member, you will have access to a wealth of industry reports and other informational resources that will contribute to your organization’s ongoing success and profitability. You’ll receive actionable information that will bolster your strategic planning efforts, improve your decision-making processes and have a positive impact on your operating results.
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Industry-Specific Reports

AED has been representing the interests of the equipment distribution industry since 1919. Our members consist of construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, power generation and rental equipment suppliers, as well as manufacturers and service companies. Our vast knowledge of the challenges and issues that are impacting each of these industries enables us to provide tailored research and reports that address pertinent, industry-specific topics.

For instance, you can view a report that provides insight into the construction equipment market trends that will help you meet the demands of your customer base. If your business is selling or renting farming products, you can access an agriculture report that offers an analysis of the latest equipment technologies and how they will impact the industry moving forward.

The labor shortage has been an ongoing issue in the equipment distribution industry for decades. We devote much of our research to developing timely workforce reports that can assist you in planning and implementing effective hiring and retention strategies. An example is our report on the growing autonomous technology trend and its implications for our members and their labor force.

Excavator at a construction site against the setting sun.
Excavator at a construction site against the setting sun.

Why Work With AED?

When you choose AED to provide you informative reports and research, you’ll work with an organization that’s committed to the success of its members. The quality of our products and services is unmatched in the industry.


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Why Participate in Survey Reports?

We gather much of the data we use for construction equipment industry analyses and other reports via surveys of our members conducted by The AED Foundation. This research technique enables company owners, executives and branch managers to share their observations and thoughts regarding the issues that are affecting their day-to-day business operations. While participating in our surveys takes time away from your daily activities, it ensures our reports will provide timely, relevant information that will benefit your business now and in the future.

Survey participation also means that you can receive the equipment report at no cost instead of paying a set price. In a time where equipment dealers are facing stiff competition and experiencing significant labor issues, free information offers substantial value for your organization.


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For more information about our industry reports, give us a call at 630-574-0650 today. To view a sample report, please click here. If you'd like to know more about becoming an AED member, feel free to visit our membership information page.

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