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Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association that has been representing the interests of the equipment distribution industry for more than 100 years. Our members sell, service and rent heavy equipment used in the construction, forestry, agriculture, mining and power generation industries, among others. Our membership roster consists of more than 800 suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

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Membership Benefits

Joining AED will help your organization meet its revenue, profitability, service and quality objectives. The benefits of trade association membership include:

  • Special programs: You’ll have access to a free hotline to provide expert guidance and responses to your legal questions. Our dealer groups enable you to discuss best practices and other issues with leaders of similar-sized noncompeting organizations.
  • Reports: Another valuable membership incentive is the opportunity to purchase informative reports at reduced prices. These reports include research, analysis and information on everything from economic and business trends to labor issues, markets and performance benchmarks.
  • Publications: All AED members can receive one complimentary subscription to AED Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to the equipment distribution industry. This publication features articles covering a wide range of pertinent topics, including technology trends, leadership and professional development, education, strategic planning, marketing, digital/social media and many others.
  • Membership directory: Join AED and you’ll have access to our directory, where you can find other factory-authorized dealers who are also members. Search for members by categories that include manufacturers, affiliate services firms including technology, insurance, accounting, and financial organizations.
  • Involved opportunities: AED features various committees that members can join. Examples include the Emerging Leaders Council, where you can help to shape the future of the association and our Public Policy Council, where a select group of members meets with policymakers to discuss industry-related political and legislative issues.
  • Membership information: We make it easy to become an AED member. Our membership information page includes links to applications based on organization type: distributor, manufacturer, affiliate.

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