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It used to be that when you talked about the mining industry in the United States and Canada, coal was usually the main topic of conversation. However, the combination of a variety of economic factors and the increasing demand for alternative materials (copper, for example) are impacting the coal mining industry. As a mining equipment distributor, you may already be experiencing a change in the types of mining products your customers are demanding.

Situations such as this are just one of the many reasons to consider joining a mining equipment association like Associated Equipment Distributors (AED). Since 1919, our organization has been advocating for the rights of mining equipment suppliers, manufacturers and the companies that serve them. We also provide a variety of services and business development opportunities for our members at reduced rates. Our opportunities help mining equipment distributors stay relevant and influential in a market that’s constantly experiencing changes in demand, technology and financial stability.

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Why You Should Become an
AED Member

If you operate an underground mining equipment business, you have more to consider than your own success. Being a manufacturer or distributor is also about being part of a larger industry. All equipment suppliers and service companies in the industry play a role in driving growth and innovation for underground mines around the world. Partnering with AED is an excellent way to give back and support a thriving market.

When you become a member of our association, you’ll join forces with more than 500 equipment distributors, manufacturers and service providers who share a common vision of success for our industry. You’ll benefit from strength in numbers, as well as the quality of the products and services we offer.

Staying up to date in an ever-changing industry requires reliable access to the latest resources, from research and news to professional development programs and technology services. You can enjoy all these resources and more when you become an AED member. Our mining equipment suppliers and manufacturers make great professional connections and maintain a workplace culture of learning through partnerships with AED.

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AED Membership Benefits for the
Mining Industry

We have all types of opportunities available exclusively for AED members, from surveys and benchmarking to conferences and partnered company programs. Education, technology and communication are our main priorities, and we give our members the tools and resources they need to stay informed in these areas. From surveys and benchmarking to conferences and partnered company programs, we have all types of opportunities available exclusively for AED members. Our services can help you improve product quality and grow your operators’ skills and expertise.

AED membership offers several benefits for companies in the global mining equipment market:

  • Advocacy: AED is the equipment industry’s leading advocate in both the United States and Canada. With a full-time presence in both Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, the association works with key policymakers, lawmakers and allied organizations to ensure AED’s pro-growth agenda receives full consideration and AED members have access to the most influential officials in both countries.AED’s Political Action Committee (AED PAC) is committed to supporting political candidates who share our vision for the equipment distribution industry.
  • Research and information: Our industry research reports serve as valuable analytical tools that provide actionable information to guide your decision-making and strategic planning processes. Mining equipment company leaders can learn more about the industry, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses, by taking advantage of our research opportunities.
  • Education and career development: Workplace learning is a continuous process, and our professional development opportunities provide extensive resources and updates on the ins and outs of the mining equipment industry. Take advantage of our multitude of educational tools and resources such as webinars, seminars and self-study courses to increase your knowledge and develop your skills. Certified Manager programs are available to enable current and aspiring managers to demonstrate their commitment to superior performance in the workplace.
  • Events: We host events throughout the year to help you make connections and learn about the latest strategies and techniques in your industry. Live events such as the AED Summit enable you to network in person with peers and establish valuable contacts that can benefit your organization now and in the future. You’ll also have a chance to learn about what’s new in the mining equipment market. Other events we offer include the HR Symposium, the Leadership Conference and more.
  • Public relations: We actively promote understanding and knowledge of the role mining equipment distributors play in the facilitation of efficient and effective practices in mining and the other industries we serve.
  • The AED Foundation: The mission of our foundation is to find solutions for the shortage of qualified workers in the equipment distribution industry. We strive to achieve this by addressing workforce development and professional education. Mining equipment distributors who work with us can stay at the top of their industry with our research reports and educational programs.


Mining is a high-demand industry that requires adaptability and close adherence to evolving safety measures. If you sell, rent out or provide services for underground mining equipment, you need to have the proper education and resources to stay up to date.

We work with leaders in multiple sectors of the industry, including manufacturing, distribution, service and publication, to create a thriving community of like-minded business leaders dedicated to improving efficiency and industry growth. By exploring all our opportunities, you can take advantage of everything AED has to offer members. Our support will help you achieve a competitive edge and serve your mining customers more effectively.

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