AED’s Political Action Committee (PAC)

The AED PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) that is registered with the Federal Election Commission, and allows our members to pool personal, voluntary contributions to support candidates seeking federal elective office. The AED PAC is a tool to increase the effectiveness of the association’s government affairs program by helping elect federal candidates that support common policy goals.

A federal law requires us to get written permission from our members before we ask them for PAC support. Signing the form just gives us legal permission to talk to AED members about the PAC and formally ask for a contribution. Please give AED prior approval to speak with you about the PAC here.

How is AED PAC funded?

Federal law prohibits the use of association membership dues to support political candidates. Therefore, AED PAC is funded through voluntary contributions from owners and senior executives of AED member companies that have given prior approval/solicitation consent in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Election Campaign Act. 

Why give to AED PAC?

First and foremost, contributors help to advance the industry’s public policy agenda and support AED’s government affairs program.  By giving to AED PAC, you are also giving yourself and other AED members the opportunity to build relationships with lawmakers. These relationships ensure the association’s policy positions are delivered to key lawmakers and give the industry a “seat at the table” during the legislative process.  PAC contributors are also recognized in AED publications and are considered leaders within the industry.

How are AED PAC Funds used? 

AED PAC gives money to campaigns of federal candidates who share our policy goals and values.  PAC funds allow us an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with lawmakers on a more personal level, and it is an integral part of our trade association’s government affairs program. 

How does AED PAC make its giving decisions? 

AED PAC supports candidates with a demonstrated commitment to our policy positions. Specifically, AED PAC supports candidates who share our positions for strong federal infrastructure programs, more effective career & technical education programs, and pro-growth tax and regulatory policy. Other factors include a candidate’s voting record, public statements, committee assignments, leadership positions, electability, and, most importantly, input from AED members (particularly those that support AED PAC).  Additionally, AED PAC supports candidates that are willing to take the time to come to meet with AED members, visit dealer locations and participate in AED programming and events.

Why does the solicitation consent form have multiple signature lines? 

The association is required to get separate approval for each year you give us permission to talk to you about the PAC.  

How much can a member contribute to AED PAC? 

The annual contribution limit to the PAC is $5000 per person.

How do candidates use the money AED PAC gives them? 

Elections are expensive.  Candidates use the money we contribute to their campaigns to pay for advertising, staff, and other costs. 

Does AED PAC get involved in state races? 

No.  AED PAC only supports federal candidates.  The theory is that every member of Congress is in the position to vote on legislation that affects all AED members.  That’s not true of state candidates.

Are AED PAC donations tax deductible? 

As with all political donations, contributions to the AED PAC are not tax deductible and must be paid from personal, not corporate, funds.

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