AED’s Political Action Committee (PAC)

As public policy changes, the equipment industry needs a strong voice in the political arena to stand for your interests. Legislation regarding infrastructure, career and technical education, economics and other issues that directly affect your dealership and your industry is frequently up for debate in the House and Senate. When legislators vote on these topics that are deeply relevant to your business, they need to know your side of the issue.

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is the voice of the industry in Washington and is dedicated to lobbying for policies and actions that will benefit our members. We want to be sure that we educate your lawmakers on the industry’s needs and that they keep your interests in mind as they vote, which is why we’ve established a Political Action Committee to represent your industry in Congress.

What AED’s Political Action Committee Can Do for You

AED’s Political Action Committee (AED PAC) allows equipment distributors to speak with a common voice in the political process by helping to elect federal candidates who share the political goals of the equipment industry.

With the numerous demands facing them, many legislators aren’t able to educate themselves on the needs of the equipment industry when they’re voting on relevant bills. Our PAC works to bring legislators into office who are already educated about and invested in the political objectives of the industry — individuals we can trust to represent our member’s business interests in Washington.

AED PAC is supported entirely by voluntary, personal contributions from AED members and accepts contributions only from members who have given PAC solicitation consent in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Our advocacy and public policy work is focused on making your voice clear to lawmakers. Our PAC distribution serves our membership base and the entire industry to ensure that we have strong representation in the legislature.

How AED’s PAC Benefits You

AED’s PAC works to provide legislation for our members on an industry-wide and an individual dealership level. When you contribute to our PAC, you’re partnering with us so that we can give you a political voice. The political action committee benefits you directly through opportunities for legislative engagement and advocacy.

Advocacy for Your Dealership

Our PAC seeks to support representatives who will advocate for measures that benefit all dealers in our industry. When it comes to bills regarding crucial topics that will influence your business and your industry, the AED PAC is dedicated to ensuring that we have legislators working for the benefit of equipment industry dealers across the country.

Personal Relationship Building With Your Representatives

To foster a strong relationship between our members and our representatives, we offer the opportunity for you to meet directly with your representatives and their senior staff. You’ll be able to get to know them on a personal level and even have them visit your dealership, ensuring that they know the people behind their votes on policies.

Why Give Consent for AED’s Political Action Committee?

We’re dedicated to using AED’s Political Action Committee to empower your business and the entire industry in the political sphere. To continue to advocate for you and benefit from your support, we need your consent to engage in our PAC’s efforts. Before we can provide you with further information or accept contributions from you to support our advocacy work, the Federal Election Campaign Act stipulates that we must get our member’s consent.

Let us continue working for you and become a part of what we’re doing for your industry in Washginton today. To learn more about the AED PAC, please complete the Federal Election Commission-mandated solicitation consent form here.

Consent Form

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