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If you work with heavy equipment, you have a major responsibility. It’s your job to stay ahead of the competition and educate your employees on industry trends. Make your job easier by becoming an AED member.

At Associated Equipment Distributors, we build relationships with businesses all over the equipment distribution industry. Becoming one of our members gives you access to all the services and benefits we offer, and it’s a great way to make lasting connections. Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer or affiliate, you can take part in our organization.


Our largest and primary group of members. These 530 companies represent over 6,800 locations, are independent, full-service distributors that sell and rent equipment and provide a wide range of product support services.

When you become an AED member you can take a leading stance in the industry by partnering with us to sell, rent out and offer support for high-end equipment. From construction and mining to agriculture and power generation, our distributors serve every type of industry and application. We provide our members with the tools and resources they need to sell and service equipment. Professional development options, courses and benchmarking services are just a few of the benefits we offer.

Being a good distributor is about offering high-quality products and managing your inventory effectively. As part of our massive group of members, you’ll be able to stay competitive and develop a stronger reputation in the industry with the help of our opportunities exclusively for members.

We offer advocacy programs, professional development events and high-quality research to help our distributors succeed. Our AED programs even come with access to CED Magazine, which offers invaluable industry news and information that distributors need to stay up to date. This award-winning magazine includes recent statistics, product previews and industry insider information so AED members can learn all about what’s going on in their world.

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For more information on distributor memberships, please contact our Senior Business Development Specialist, Mike Kondrath, at 630-642-9045 or


Over 200 heavy, general and light machinery makers belong to AED to establish and maintain business relationships with our distributor members, and to stay abreast of trends in distribution.

If you’re looking for a way to make connections and build on the strengths of your company, it could be a great time to join one of the AED programs. Manufacturers have a critical responsibility to create products that will be used among a wide range of customers around the world. A membership with our organization helps you stay informed and build relationships that advance your business.

It’s important for manufacturers to stay current with information about equipment dealers in their industries. We help keep your skills up to standard, your leaders aware and your operational costs reasonable. A partnership with AED may even help you get in touch with distributors who are looking to make new professional connections.

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For more information on manufacturer memberships, please contact our Sr. Vice President of Market & Business Development, Jon Cruthers, at 630-468-5127 or

Service Providers

Over 170 companies belong to AED to market their specialized services to equipment dealers in financing, information technology, insurance, publishing and consulting.

Today’s high-demand industries are evolving fast, and our goal is to help businesses keep up with this evolution by connecting service companies and dealers all over the world. Your services play a valuable role in giving dealers the benefits they need to deliver top performance.

AED is a single source for service companies to find all the resources and connections they need. We do research, analysis and networking so our partners can enhance their marketing and delivery strategies. Whether you’re looking for advertising information or news about the latest technology, we can point you in the right direction. Our options offer insights that can help you reach more dealers who have specialized requirements.

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For more information on service provider memberships, please contact our Sr. Vice President of Market & Business Development, Jon Cruthers, at 630-468-5127 or

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