AED is the equipment industry’s leading advocate in both the United States and Canada. With a full-time presence in both Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, the association works with key policymakers, lawmakers and allied organizations to ensure AED’s pro-growth agenda receives full consideration and AED members have access to the most influential officials in both countries.

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AED’s government affairs program is only successful with active engagement from equipment distributors.
Here is how you can get involved:

Attend the Washington Fly-In

The U.S. equipment industry’s premier public policy event, the AED Washington Fly-In is a must attend. For better or for worse, what happens in Washington, D.C., has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and profitability. Participants will be brought up to speed on the key issues affecting the equipment industry by policy experts, top lawmakers and administration officials before meeting with your members of Congress and Senators.

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Attend the Ottawa Parliament Hill Day

The Ottawa Parliament Hill Day is integral to AED’s public policy program in Canada. Attendees will learn about federal policies that impact your company’s primary equipment markets and your profitability while gaining valuable political intelligence to help plan your business.

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Host a Lawmaker at Your Dealership

AED has a robust congressional and Parliament facility visit program designed to introduce and educate lawmakers and candidates about the equipment distribution industry and its economic impact in communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Visits last about an hour and involve a meeting with dealership executives, followed by a tour of the facility. AED handles the scheduling and a staff member will attend the meeting to ensure it goes smoothly. Contact your AED Regional Manager to learn more.

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Learn More About The Associated Equipment Distributors

The Associated Equipment Distributors PAC (AED PAC) is a nonpartisan political action committee that is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). It allows AED members to pool personal, voluntary contributions to support candidates seeking federal elective office in the United States. The AED PAC is a tool to increase the effectiveness of the association’s government affairs program by helping elect federal candidates that support common policy goals.

AED PAC gives financial support to campaigns of federal candidates who share our policy goals and values. PAC funds allow us an opportunity to help elect candidates that share our positions for strong federal infrastructure programs, more effective career & technical education programs, and pro-growth tax and regulatory policy.

Federal law requires us to get written permission from our members before we can talk to them in detail about the PAC. Please complete the form here.


The D.C. Debrief & Ottawa
Policy Briefing

AED members have access to monthly newsletters (in the U.S., the D.C. Debrief; in Canada, the Ottawa Policy Briefing). These newsletters contain valuable policy updates and political intelligence about issues impacting the equipment industry and the broader business community. If you’re an AED member and you’re not receiving these newsletters, contact to sign up.

An archive of past editions of the D.C. Debrief and the Ottawa Policy Briefing can be found here:

D.C. Debrief  Ottawa Policy Briefing

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