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These days, industrial equipment distributors like you need a powerful voice to help them navigate treacherous political waters and gain an edge over the competition. Joining a long-standing trade association that represents the interests of equipment companies can have a positive impact on your business’s performance and profitability.

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) has been a staunch supporter of the equipment distribution industry since 1919. Our international trade association consists of more than 800 members who benefit from our high-quality products, services and information. We provide multiple solutions that help our members enhance their success and increase their profitability.

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Why Should You Join AED?

Associated Equipment Distributors has a long, proud legacy of helping its members achieve success and meet their profitability objectives. We make it easy to get information and resources that will make a difference for your company — all in one place.

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Membership Benefits for Industrial Equipment Suppliers

Members of our industrial equipment association have access to a wide range of benefits:

  • Publications: Our research and reports deliver timely, relevant information regarding the issues that affect your business’s current and future success and profitability. Resources such as CED Magazine offer a deep dive into industry-specific topics like technology trends, strategic planning, leadership development, tax laws and tariffs.
  • Events: We offer a variety of events and seminars as well as on-site dealership educational opportunities that allow you to network with your industry peers. Make valuable connections that can lead to more opportunities for your business to thrive. You can also boost your equipment education and learn about new product innovations before they hit the industrial equipment market.
  • Professional development: Get access to a variety of tools and resources that will enhance your skills, increase your knowledge base and improve your chances for career advancement. We provide our educational opportunities in online and offline formats such as webinars, seminars and self-study courses.
  • The AED Foundation: We established our foundation in 1991 in response to the labor shortage that was preventing industrial equipment companies from adequately serving their customer base. The AED Foundation continues to support professional education and workforce development to provide cost-effective labor solutions for our members.
  • Hotline support: Our members sometimes need help with a difficult or sensitive legal or personnel issue. We provide access to a free hotline so they can call a knowledgeable legal or human resources professional who can offer reliable advice and guidance.
  • Advocacy: Legislative initiatives can have a lasting impact on an industrial equipment supplier — for better or worse. The AED government affairs team serves as our members’ political voice in Washington, D.C & Ottawa. Members also have the opportunity to meet with their elected representatives to discuss the issues that affect their present and future business needs.

How to Become an AED Member

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Take the next step by visiting our membership information page. Fill out and submit the application form that best fits your situation. If you have questions or would like more information about our products and services, give us a call at 630-574-0650.

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