Continuing Education

Continuing Education

In today’s rapidly changing and continually evolving work environments, continuing education is essential for staying current on the latest trends and keeping skills up to date. As an international trade association dedicated to the needs of the equipment industry, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) provides a wide variety of continuing education programs that will meet your skill enhancement and professional development requirements.

We’ve created our programs to meet the learning and professional development needs of workers throughout an organization, from owners and executives to departmental managers and service technicians. When you use our resource libraries, you’ll find educational materials tailored to your industry, whether it’s construction, forestry, mining, rental, agriculture or industrial equipment applications.

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What Are the Benefits of Equipment Dealer Continuing Education?


Worker Benefits:

  • Enhances your earning potential
  • Leads to additional job opportunities
  • Helps you develop new skills to meet the demands of your company and industry
  • Increases your industry knowledge
  • Inspires innovation and creativity


Employer Advantages:

  • Develops more productive and efficient employees
  • Increases employee retention
  • Enables you to cross-train your workers
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Demonstrates to your workers that you’re invested in their future within the organization

Why Choose AED for Your Continuing Education Needs?

AED has been representing the interests of the equipment distribution industry since 1919. Our extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to tailor our continuing education programs to the needs and demands of our members. Our courses provide a cost-effective learning solution for meeting your learning requirements.

Our Continuing Education Options

The AED Foundation is the driving force behind many of our continuing education opportunities. Founded in 1991 to address the labor shortage in the equipment distribution industry, our member-led foundation focuses on providing professional education and workforce development in our field.

Choose from the following continuing education courses and programs:

  • Webinars: Our live webinars feature informative and engaging presentations from subject matter experts in areas such as parts, service, sales, finance, management and human resources. We also have an extensive catalog of recorded webinars that enable you to learn on-demand.
  • Seminars: We offer a series of in-person seminars throughout the year covering a wide range of industry-specific topics. Along with increasing your knowledge, these live events provide excellent networking opportunities.
  • Self-study courses: These courses are available through the AED Dealer Learning Center and facilitate on-demand learning at your own pace from the comfort of your office or home.
  • Certification TestsThe AED Foundation Technical Assessments enable companies to evaluate the skill levels of their current technicians, as well as those of job applicants.
  • Management certification: These programs help managers develop their leadership and operational skills, as well as demonstrate their commitment to exceptional workplace performance.

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For more information about any of our continuing education opportunities, feel free to give us a call at 630-574-0650. If you're interested in becoming an AED member, please visit our membership information page.

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