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AED Dealer Member Demographics

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) members bring unique perspectives, backgrounds and areas of expertise within the equipment industry to contribute to our entire membership network. With their AED membership, dealers have access to extensive resources, networking and development opportunities.

The benefits and resources we offer draw dealers all across the industry, which is why our membership demographics are as dynamic and diverse as the dealers we represent.

Who Are Associated Equipment Distributors Members?

AED represents dealers across multiple business areas, and our members have backgrounds in a variety of fields within the equipment industry. AED members work in companies spanning fields including:

  • Agriculture.
  • Mining.
  • Construction.
  • Power generation.
  • Forestry.

Our members also come from a variety of organization types. They bring expertise and experience from organizations such as:

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Affiliates

Key AED Membership Demographics Metrics

Our diverse member population’s successes, interests and contributions to the industry demonstrate what it means to be part of our dealer network. Three key metrics showcase who we represent in the field and how they are contributing to the equipment industry:

1. Our Members Have a Total Gross Annual Revenue of $90 Billion

Our members are drivers in the equipment industry, bringing in billions for the sector each year. As major contributors, our network members share their insight and leadership to create a stronger industry community as a whole.

Our data indicate that our members’ individual organizations are yielding significant revenue in the field:

  • Median annual revenue per organization = $25 mil
  • Average annual revenue per organization = $165 mil

2. We Represent 135,000 Employees

Our members share expertise with employees at every level of the industry. Thousands of employees benefit from their company’s AED Dealer Membership, as our statistics on individual organizations demonstrate:

  • Median number of employees per organization = 50
  • Average number of employees per organization = 250

3. We Have Member Organizations in 6,800 Locations

Our widespread demographics mean that our members have a significant reach and impact on the industry. According to our data, our member organizations span across a variety of locations:

  • Median number of locations per organization = 4
  • Average number of locations per organization = 13

Benefits of AED Membership

AED membership offers a variety of benefits to further develop and strengthen your dealership and the entire industry with information and resource sharing, educational offerings and networking opportunities.

We enhance the ongoing success and profitability of our member companies by creating and providing high-quality products, services and information, including:

  • Public policy advocacy: AED’s Political Action Committee advocates for policies that benefit your industry by supporting legislators who share the equipment industry’s political goals.
  • Industry career development and educational opportunities: Our career development offerings include live and on-demand webinars, self-study courses and Certified Manager Programs to help our members educate themselves and grow professionally.
  • Industry and market research: We research the issues that affect your industry and business and deliver in-depth data insights to keep you informed.
  • Networking facilitation: With conference and other meeting opportunities to share industry expertise, a comprehensive membership directory to keep the community in contact, committees to delve into specific industry topics and peer group collaboration opportunities like the AED 20 Group, our members have a variety of ways to engage with and learn from each other.

Join AED and Find Dealer Members Like You

Equipment industry dealers like you benefit from the array of resources and networking opportunities available to them through AED membership. Discover how we can enhance your dealership and provide you with growth and development opportunities today by exploring how you can become a member.

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