Contracts Report

Contracts Report

When you enter into a dealer-manufacturer contract, both parties must have full transparency and understanding of the terms and conditions before accepting the agreement. Starting the process with clear communication lines and a thorough knowledge of the contract ensures that both you and the other party can maintain an excellent working relationship in the future.

If you want to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of dealer and manufacturer relationships, as well as fair distribution, trust Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) to help you establish what you need with Contracts Reports. For over 100 years, AED has advocated for the equipment industry by providing professional development, in-depth research and technical and legal resources for our members.

Our years of experience supporting our members give us the expertise to delve into industry contracts’ legal aspects and provide you with the critical information you need to make informed decisions about your agreements.

What Is AED’s Fair Distribution Contracts Report?

Our Contracts Reports offer the essential information you need to navigate contracts to help you ensure a smooth and fair process for both parties.

The Contracts Report has been updated to help negotiate a fair distribution contract between dealers and manufacturers. It provides general information about the purpose and effect of some of the most common and important clauses unique to equipment distribution agreements. This overview ensures that you understand the foundational functions and ramifications of the contract so that you are prepared to accept it.

The report also addresses clauses that are often at the center of dealer-manufacturer disputes to help both parties identify and proactively prevent potential obstacles in the future. If you’ve entered into an agreement in the past that has resulted in a dispute, our resource will also help you better understand the issue and find the best ways to address it.

The Contracts Report includes detailed information on:

  • Forming a dealer-manufacturer relationship.
  • Maintaining the dealer-manufacturer relationship.
  • Ending the dealer-manufacturer relationship.
  • Important statutory, regulatory and common law governing dealer agreements.

Whether you are a member or non-member, you can access this valuable information so that you’ll know how to handle dealer-manufacturer agreements. The member price for this service is $595.00, and the non-member price is $1,190.00 to give you access to all the resources our Contracts Report has to offer.

How Our Contracts Report Can Benefit You

Having access to our Contracts Report helps you ensure that you know exactly what you agree to when you prepare to sign a contract with a manufacturer or dealer. It offers a variety of information and benefits, including:

  • Ensuring that you know what is reasonable to ask of your dealership and the manufacturer.
  • Knowing the legal process for beginning, continuing and ending a dealer-manufacturer relationship.
  • Having a comprehensive understanding of both parties’ legal obligations.
  • Identifying and understanding specific clauses and content in agreements to prevent disputes.

Build strong dealer-manufacturer relationships and proactively get ahead of the potential for legal complications by making sure that you and the other party make an agreement you both can trust.

AED Can Provide You With a Valuable Contracts Report

When you need thorough, comprehensive information on the agreements you’re entering into with manufacturers or dealers, our Contracts Report can equip you with the expertise you need to make the best decisions. Know your rights and obligations so that you can facilitate an agreement that satisfies both parties and measures up to legal requirements.

Let us provide you with the insider legal knowledge to make the best choices for your business when dealing with dealer-manufacturer contracts. If you’d like to learn more about how you can benefit from membership with AED, look at the application process today.

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