AED Alert: AED Urges House to Support USMCA Approval

On December 18, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) delivered a letter to House leadership, expressing the association’s support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Last week, the Trump administration and congressional negotiators announced a resolution to move forward on consideration of USMCA, the proposed replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The House is expected to vote on the new trade accord before leaving Washington for the year, and its anticipated the Senate will consider it early in 2020.

“AED commends the Trump administration and congressional leaders for working in a bipartisan manner to craft an agreement that modernizes and strengthens trade ties between the United States’ closest allies and partners,” said Brian P. McGuire, AED’s President & CEO. “USMCA will restore predictability to North American trade markets, creating an environment for greater investment, well-paying jobs and sustained growth. USMCA is a win for the equipment industry, and we urge all members of the House to support the agreement when it’s voted on by the chamber.”

AED has actively supported congressional approval of USMCA, making it a top policy priority and working in partnership with the USMCA Coalition.To view AED’s USMCA Support Letter to Congress from April 9, 2019 click here.

To view AED’s Statement Urging Expeditious Consideration of the USCMA from Dec. 1, 2018 click here.

Facts sheets about the final agreement are available:

Ways & Means Democrats Fact Sheet

Ways & Means Republicans Fact Sheet

USTR Fact Sheets

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