Associated Equipment Distributors compiles a variety of specialized surveys designed to help our members expand and improve together. Learn more about our survey options and how you can participate.

The Importance of Reviewing Equipment Distributor Surveys in Your Industry

Reviewing industry-specific surveys is an invaluable opportunity to stay up to date on the latest business trends and navigate expectations for the future. Our surveys provide a data-driven and digestible overview of where the industry is currently, how it has grown and where it is positioned to evolve. Survey data can inform and improve your company in a number of practical ways:

  • Highlight current industry trends to shape your future strategies
  • Impact your marketing strategies based on consumer insights and values
  • Provide a benchmark to gauge how your company measures against industry standards
  • Pinpoint areas that have room for positive improvement 
  • Stay abreast of any shifts within the industry

The Cost of Doing Business Survey

The Cost of Doing Business Survey is a thorough report containing exclusive information that cant be found anywhere else. Known as the CODB, our report provides a wealth of meticulously compiled data geared toward industry dealers. Dealers can use the tools on our convenient online platform to measure their metrics against other dealers using benchmarks such as region, sales volume and line of business. The CODB survey provides an effective way for dealers to assess their own practices and determine how they stack up against the competition. 

Members who contribute to the CODB survey by providing feedback and information receive a free copy of the compiled report. All data is completely confidential and given on an anonymous basis in order to protect every individual and companys information. This privacy extends to our team, since Associated Equipment Distributors are not able to access your business’s data. 

Distributor Compensation Survey

Associated Equipment Distributors offers another invaluable resource in the form of our Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Study. This report includes information regarding compensation levels and benefits practices across your industry. Our members can use this survey to better gauge how their companys practices compare to other distributors and wholesalers and make relevant changes as necessary. 

With more than 1,000 participating organizations representing over 20 distributor and wholesaler associations, the Distributor Compensation Survey is a vital opportunity to understand your companys standing in more detail than ever.

Survey participants receive a digital copy of an Association Specific Report as well as a customized company-specific compensation report and a full set of cross-industry data sets. 

CED Readership Surveys

The CED Readership Surveys include a variety of answers compiled from CED Magazine subscribers. These answers help guide our publications moving forward with a clearer understanding of the topics, issues and information most relevant to our readers. 

Participants in the CED Readership Surveys share an important responsibility to help advance the magazine with the best interest of its consumers in mind. Sharing your input helps us create publications that suit your needs and speak to your areas of interest. We encourage all members to respond to our readership surveys and share your thoughts honestly.

Gain More Insight With Our Equipment Distributor Industry Surveys

Associated Equipment Distributors provides a variety of relevant, current and in-depth reports to our members. To gain more key insights and shape the future of your business, become a member today.

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