AED 20 Group

What is the AED 20 Group?

The AED 20 Group is a diverse group of dealer principals who meet twice a year to share best practices and new ideas. It also gives members access to financial benchmarking tools to improve business performance and profitability. The AED 20 Group is the ultimate dealer to dealer networking experience.

AED 20 Group Highlights

  • Network with your peers
  • Benchmark your dealership against the group, as well as average and high-performing AED dealers
  • Facility tours
  • Share new techniques and best practices that can be utilized in your dealership

Why Join the AED 20 Group?

When you join the AED 20 group, you will receive…

  • Access to a personalized reporting system used for benchmarking the industry and AED 20 Group members
  • Monthly comparison statements for review
  • Specific “C-Level” focus for each meeting
  • Professional executive development

For more information, contact Liz McCabe at: 630-468-5132

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