AED 20 Group

What is the AED 20 Group?

Maintaining a strong industry-wide community is an integral part of gaining influence and growing in the equipment industry. With the AED 20 Group, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) works to facilitate those professional relationships and build a stronger industry for all dealers.

As we strive to facilitate a valuable networking experience for all our members, we are dedicated to providing information on current research, industry trends and other crucial resources to help ensure the success of individual dealers and the entire industry.

What Is the AED 20 Group?

The AED 20 Group is a diverse group of dealer principals who meet twice a year to share best practices and new ideas. Through this platform for peer collaboration, AED 20 Group members are able to engage with innovative insights and develop a professional network that yields industry-wide benefits.

AED serves a variety of fields that are represented in the AED 20 Group, such as:

  • Agriculture.
  • Construction.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Rental.
  • Forestry.
  • Mining.
  • Power generation.

Along with the opportunity for biannual meetings and knowledge sharing, group membership also provides access to financial benchmarking tools to improve business performance and profitability. These resources offer comparative analysis and metrics to help individual member organizations evaluate their success and growth areas.

Helping members keep pace with the trends and developments of the industry, the AED 20 Group is the ultimate dealer to dealer networking experience.

The AED 20 Group Highlights

The AED 20 Group ensures that you can continue to pursue professional development, increase your industry-wide network and find growth opportunities throughout your career. The group gives you access to innovative research and information on your industry so that you can stay ahead of the curve. It also providing tools and metrics for building your business’s success.

Our members bring expertise and industry insights from a variety of business areas, representing service company, distributor, industry publication and manufacturer organizations. As individuals with uniquely valuable perspectives, they come together to speak to common interests that benefit the entire industry.

The AED 20 Group will enhance your professional network in a variety of ways, offering you opportunities to collaborate and grow in the following ways:

  • Network with your peers
  • Benchmark your dealership against the group, as well as average and high-performing AED dealers
  • Get access to exclusive AED facility tours
  • Share new techniques and best practices to apply to your dealership’s business strategy
  • Engage with professional industry moderators
  • Gain insights from guest speakers

Why Join The AED 20 Group?

The AED 20 Group offers a variety of benefits for members to help them thrive in the industry while cultivating meaningful relationships with fellow dealers. Becoming a part of the group will help you stay up to date on the industry’s latest innovations and give you tools to track your business’s progress.

When you join the AED 20 Group, you will receive:

  • Access to a personalized reporting system used for benchmarking the industry and AED 20 Group members
  • Monthly comparison statements for review
  • Specific “C-Level” focus for each meeting
  • Professional executive development

The insights and resources you’ll receive as part of the AED Group will help you move forward and reach your business goals with optimal efficiency and performance. At the same time, being a group member will give you a platform for leadership as you share your personal expertise with your peers in the industry.

AED has been dedicated to serving equipment industry professionals for over 100 years. Through opportunities for peer collaboration, workforce development, research insights and benchmark assessment tools, we continue to provide resources to ensure industry businesses’ profitability and growth. As a trusted advocate for the industry, we offer the AED 20 Group as a valuable resource to continue helping equipment industry organizations like yours succeed.

For more information about the AED 20 Group, contact Liz McCabe at or 630-468-5132. If you’re ready to become a member and join our growing AED community, learn more about membership with us today.

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