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    AED PAC Solicitation Consent Form

    The Federal Election Campaign Act requires trade associations to obtain permission from members before they may receive information about or be solicited for contributions to the association’s political action committee. Please note that as a matter of AED policy this form must be signed before we can accept PAC contributions from you or any of your employees.

    Fields marked with * are required.

    I hereby give permission for the Associated Equipment Distributors Political Action Committee to solicit contributions from: (Please check one of the two options below)*

    My company’s principals and senior management level employees (including myself) during the year(s) indicated below.Only myself during the year(s) indicated below.

    I certify that I have the authority to give such solicitation consent and that my company has not given solicitation permission to
    any other trade association political action committee for the year(s) indicated.

    Instructions: Please use your cursor on a desktop or laptop or your finger on a touchscreen device to provide your signature.


    What Is the PAC Solicitation Consent Form?

    The PAC solicitation consent form is a document all our members must sign before they can donate funds to our political endeavors. If you or your employees want to support a federal candidate whose ideas of the equipment industry align with yours, you need to fill out the information on this form.

    It only takes a few minutes to provide your information, sign the form and send it in. This makes it legal for us to accept your donation according to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

    What Is the Federal Election Campaign Act?

    The Federal Election Campaign Act is a 1971 law that regulates financing and fundraising for federal political campaigns. This act restricts the amount of money that organizations can devote to a candidate during a single election. Since the act was passed, it has been amended several times — most notably in 1974 after the Nixon Watergate Scandal.

    According to the FECA, an individual can contribute a maximum of $1,000 for a candidate’s campaign per election. When in partnership with a political committee, an individual or group can donate up to $5,000 per election. These regulations help protect the integrity of campaign financing endeavors during election times.

    What You Agree to by Giving Us Your Solicitation Consent

    All our PAC distributors need to give us their written consent if they plan on making a monetary donation to our political cause. The consent form confirms that we have your permission to accept money from you or your employees and use it to support election campaigns.

    In addition, you acknowledge that your donation will come from personal funds and that you are not affiliated with any other political action committees. As long as you agree to these terms, we will be happy to provide any information you need about our PAC distributor opportunities.

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