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The AED Foundation is creating a steady and strong pipeline for the future

The AED Foundation has three primary areas of focus.


The AED Foundation accredits postsecondary equipment technology programs and recognizes high school diesel technology programs in order to help build a sustainable pipeline of qualified technicians.


The AED Foundation programs offer not just job training but long-term career pathways and continuing education. To effectively address the technician shortage and the image of the industry, it’s important to continuously build industry awareness in students, parents, educators, and other stakeholders. The AED Foundation actively works to promote rewarding career opportunities available in the equipment distribution industry.


The AED Foundation is the leading organization funding industry-specific research in order to advance the importance of workforce development, and it shares that data with legislators, educators, the media and other stakeholders. Research is critical because it helps quantify the challenges the equipment industry faces and allows The AED Foundation to leverage the power of the industry to drive meaningful change and to track emerging trends.

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construction diggers in a parking lot
construction diggers in a parking lot

The AED Foundation is actively addressing the serious shortage of skilled professionals in the equipment industry through the expansion of our “community-based, school-to-work” school partnership strategy. We’re putting dealers, manufacturers and educators together on the same page, working toward the common goal of growing a new generation of well-trained, high-quality
entry-level technicians.

The AED Foundation’s volunteer technical experts, with broad industry representation from dealers, manufacturers and technical colleges, regularly update the Foundation’s comprehensive technical standards for accreditation.

There are 58 AED Foundation Accredited College and Recognized High School diesel-technology programs at 45 schools in the U.S. and Canada that are part of The AED Foundation’s School Partnership program. This represents more than 1,350 highly qualified graduates from diesel-equipment technology programs entering the workforce annually. The Foundation plans to double its number of accredited and recognized school programs to 100 by 2024.

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The AED Foundation is committed to a philosophy of lifelong continuous learning for industry professionals. The Foundation offers comprehensive management programs to give AED member employees the skills they need to succeed. The following online self-study Manager Certification programs are available through The AED Foundation’s Dealer Learning Center:

  • Branch Operations Management
  • Parts Management
  • Service Management
  • Rental Management
  • Sales Management


Live Seminars & Certifications

Live seminars are also available in parts, service, rental and branch management. These are presented throughout the year at locations convenient to AED members. Learn more about our upcoming live seminars here.


The AED Foundation’s technician certification tests provide dealers with a tool to evaluate technicians’ knowledge of core heavy equipment technology. Use these tests to determine the skills of pre-hires and to evaluate strengths and areas of learning opportunity for existing employees. Technician certification is based on passing that technical assessment. Certification provides employers with an opportunity to identify excellence in their service departments and recognize high-performing technicians as the profit-generating professionals they are.


If you are looking for a seminar that can help hone your team members’ skills and bring your dealership to the next level, The AED Foundation has what you are looking for. Choose from a variety of two-day educational seminars that focus on specific departments such as parts, service, rental, sales and branch management. The AED Foundation has a bench of experts who have the hands-on, practical experience to share with those going through the program. The sessions are highly interactive with discussions, group exercises, sharing of best practices and much more.

You can bring The AED Foundation’s operational, financial and management education programs straight to your organization! The AED Foundation wants you to be able to take advantage of the educational offerings it provides in a format that fits and benefits you, your company and your colleagues. Whether you’re interested in branch, parts, service, rental or a variety of other options, we can create a program that specifically applies to your company.

The AED Foundation’s Certified Manager programs offer a blended curriculum of leadership and operational coursework to give managers the tools they need to succeed. Each program offers certification candidates the opportunity to complete learning requirements via web-based self-study courses that they can complete on their own time and at their own pace. Certified Manager Programs Include:
• Certified Parts Manager
• Certified Service Manager
• Certified Sales Manager
• Certified Branch Manager
• Certified Rental Manager

Show your employees that you’re serious about their professional growth by registering them for one of the industry-specific webinars. Topics offered are position and dealer-specific including training in HR, Parts and Service, Sales and Finance presented by experts in their field.

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