AED Alert: Government Approves Trans Mountain

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was joined on stage in Ottawa by five senior cabinet members to announce that the government has approved the Trans Mountain expansion project. The government purchased the pipeline for $4.5 billion a year ago and has conducted consultations since that time to overcome hurdles in the project’s development.

In response to the government’s actions, AED’s President & CEO Brian P. McGuire said, “AED commends the government for approving the Trans Mountain pipeline, a long-overdue step that is in Canada’s national interest. The project will generate considerable economic activity, creating jobs across the construction sector. AED members are ready to provide the equipment needed to complete the pipeline and the resulting infrastructure projects.”h

It is anticipated the project will ramp up immediately, with shovels in the ground during the 2019 construction season. The government’s announcement also calls for investment in climate change mitigation projects across Canada and indigenous groups will have the opportunity to own shares of the pipeline.

While the announcement is welcomed news, court challenges are likely in the near future. Stay tuned to AED for updates as more details emerge.


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