AED Urges Congress to Pursue the Equipment Industry’s Pro-Growth Legislative Agenda

On January 25, AED delivered a letter to Congress outlining the construction equipment industry’s legislative priorities for the 116th congressional session, which includes infrastructure investment, addressing the skills gap, tax permanency and pursuing pro-growth trade and energy policies.

“AED members are ready for Congress to work together in a bipartisan manner to enact pro-growth, job-creating policies that will ensure the country’s economic vitality for decades to come,” AED’s President and CEO Brian P. McGuire told congressional leadership.

While Congress has been preoccupied with organizational tasks, such as committee assignments, and resolving the partial government shutdown, it’s expected lawmakers will turn to other priorities in the near future, with infrastructure near the top of the agenda.

With more than 100 new faces settling in on Capitol Hill, it’s more important than ever that AED members engage in the process to educate and advocate for the industry’s policy priorities. Be sure to attend the AED Summit in Orlando on February 4-7 to hear more about the Association’s public policy agenda and mark your calendars for AED’s 2019 Washington Fly-In on June 11-13.


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