AED’s McGuire: Keystone XL Permit Approval a Win for Construction Equipment Industry

Brian P. McGuire, president and CEO of Associated Equipment Distributors, issued the following statement after the Trump administration granted a permit authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction across the U.S. border. AED has been a leader in Washington advocating for Keystone approval and other energy policies that will spur economic growth and job creation.

“AED commends the Trump administration for delivering on its promise to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border.  While it’s indefensible his predecessor denied the necessary permit, we’re pleased that President Trump recognizes the project will produce a substantial number of jobs and significant economic activity with minimal environmental impact.

“The construction equipment industry hopes the Keystone XL pipeline project is just the beginning. The United States has trillions of dollars of infrastructure needs.  Whether it’s the pipelines required to move energy resources to market, structurally deficient bridges, dams and levees or inadequate roads, airports and water systems, America’s infrastructure is insufficient and our leaders in Washington can no longer forsake responsibility when it comes to required maintenance, upgrades and investments.”


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