FTC Right to Repair Policy Statement Forthcoming

The Federal Trade Commission that on July 21, it will vote on a new policy statement in response to .

The policy statement, which has not been released, could serve as a precursor to future rulemaking on the right to repair. AED will be submitting comments highlighting the FTC report’s misinformation, including the fact that heavy equipment customers do have the ability to diagnose and repair their machinery and the ramifications should the FTC take broad action.

Given the FTC’s current composition, the policy statement’s approval is expected. However, providing counterpoints to the FTC and pushing back now may forestall future consideration of a proposed rule that grants the public the right to modify embedded software on equipment.

If you’re interested in submitting written or video comments or requesting a one-minute speaking slot during the virtual public meeting, please contact Daniel B. Fisher, AED’s Vice President of Government & External Affairs, at .

Visit for further information.

AED is continuing to work together with OEM’s and other trade associations to educate the FTC and Congress about the risks posed by broad right to repair action on equipment safety, durability, and environmental compliance, and oppose granting unfettered access to allow modification of embedded software. Stay tuned for further updates.


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