House Approves Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Awaits Biden’s Signature

Today the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) was approved by the House following Senate passage last August. The IIJA is bipartisan legislation that provides more than $1 trillion in investments to rebuild the nation’s road, bridge, water, port, broadband, power and airport infrastructure while restoring certainty to surface transportation programs by reauthorizing the federal highway program for five years at increased funding levels. The bill now heads to President Biden’s desk for his signature.

AED’s President & CEO Brian P. McGuire issued the following statement after the House of Representatives’ vote:

“After many years of delay, Congress finally did its job and approved bipartisan legislation that will provide historic investments to upgrade the United States’ infrastructure. This long-sought achievement didn’t come easy and wouldn’t have happened without the unprecedented involvement of AED members engaging during the lengthy legislative process. IIJA’s enactment is truly an achievement for the equipment industry, its customers, and the entire country. AED members are ready to provide the machinery needed to rebuild the country.”

“Unfortunately, politics unnecessarily delayed IIJA’s passage and it’s regrettable that every House and Senate member didn’t support the bill. The Senate set an example with its deliberative and thoughtful consideration of the proposal last summer, but its counterparts in the House failed to follow suit. The House’s politicization of much-needed, bipartisan infrastructure legislation is unfortunate and caused by members of both parties.”

“The lawmakers, Democrat and Republican, that chose to do what was right for the country over the politics of the day should be commended. AED and its members won’t forget the courageous stance many took in the face of immense political pressure and misinformation campaigns.”


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