The Calling of Leadership During Unprecedented Uncertainty – Part 2 (WORKSHOP)

Day two came to a close with the Virtual Leadership Conference’s final session and workshop from Dirk Beveridge with a continuation of The Calling of Leadership During Unprecedented Uncertainty.   

This session went in-depth on topics that covered the more personal aspects of the business. Specifically, Beveridge discussed human capital versus human spirit and how it relates to building for a better tomorrow. Our 135+ attendees saw this through the challenging of traditional beliefs and giving themselves a dose of reality.  

One of the first points made was on the personal aspects of working for a company and even went as far as to suggest that your company’s leaders should “focus more on providing an environment for people to be inspired.”  

Another critical point that Beveridge delved into was how daunting it might feel at work for someone within a company when you feel like human capital. Instead of engaging in such a negative strategy, Beveridge suggests that companies shift to an approach that evokes an emotion-based approach. Attendees were giving sage advice on how to go about providing more freedom for their employees, noting that embracing the change is essential for the betterment of your workplace.  

Beveridge also explained how transformative leaders are primarily driving change for the betterment of the future and how focusing on what motivates employees will be positive for your company. Our speaker also tackled the notion that money isn’t the only motivator adding, “Is money a motivator? It is! But it is not the only motivator. When people are asked what is most important for them at work, money ranks high but after a good work environment and people they work with. Consciously we have to ask what inspires them and what motivates them. Money may, but they want direction for their leaders.”  

Valuable insight was provided from Beveridge and a Gallup poll showing that 34% of our employees are engaged, 53% are not engaged and 13% are actively disengaged. He noted that this “alone had put additional weight and responsibility on every single one of us.”  

Our closing speaker made conclusive remarks on how to build for a better tomorrow by embracing the notion of the human spirit. “We want extraordinary results, but in the end, it comes down to us to provide that environment.”  

An attendee of the session, Mr. Steve Berdan – VP – Parts of General Equipment & Supplies, Inc. added that “it’s up to us to create the environment for people who would go to battle with us” and we couldn’t agree more.  


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