Why Lake Shore Drive is Crumbling

The emergency closure of a portion of Lake Shore Drive because of a broken bridge presented Chicagoans with a firsthand look at the consequences of our nation’s failure to adequately invest in infrastructure. America’s infrastructure is insufficient, and our representatives in Washington can no longer forsake responsibility when it comes to much-needed maintenance and improvements.

Every day, Americans are harmed by deferred upgrades and investments that result in avoidable, yet dangerous situations. First responders are forced to reroute, delaying services. Businesses are left without customers as detours divert traffic from main roads. Lost revenue and time wasted in traffic will never be recovered. Our infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy.

I urge the Illinois congressional delegation to work in a bipartisan manner with their colleagues and the Trump administration to immediately address the nation’s infrastructure crisis. Further delay is unacceptable to the people of Illinois and the rest of the country.

Brian P. McGuire
President & CEO
Associated Equipment Distributors

To view Brian P. McGuire’s recent letter to the editor on this topic published in the February 13 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times visit here.


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