AED Alert: T&I Committee Requests Industry Priorities as Infrastructure Process Heats Up

On April 24, at the request of House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee leadership, AED submitted its infrastructure-related policy priorities as the panel develops both public works-focused bills and begins reauthorization of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, the most recent highway bill.

In its submission, the Association focused on policies that directly impact AED members primary product markets and cost-of-doing business, including:

  • Increasing revenue to ensure the federal highway program’s long-term solvency;
  • Investing in other infrastructure projects, including pipes, water systems, airports, dams and levees;
  • Developing a skilled workforce for the construction equipment industry as part of infrastructure investment legislation;
  • Providing relief for equipment service trucks from burdensome hours-of-service regulations; and
  • Limiting the expansion of Buy America requirements.

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s request for stakeholder input is a strong indication that the panel is working diligently to produce infrastructure-related legislation in the coming months, making it a crucial time for AED members to join us in our nation’s capital for the AED Washington Fly-In on June 11-13.

Infrastructure legislation is widely regarded as one area where Congress and the administration can work productively in a bipartisan manner. In fact, President Trump is scheduled to meet with House and Senate Democratic leadership next week to discuss the issue. However, legislative success won’t happen without the engagement of AED members.

On June 11-13, construction equipment industry leaders will storm Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of infrastructure investment, addressing the skills gap, resolving trade uncertainty and providing regulatory relief to job creators. We need your help to ensure the construction equipment industry’s voice is heard! Register today for the 2019 AED Washington Fly-In.


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