Improving the Quantity and Quality of Technicians

Vision 2024 is The AED Foundation’s call to action to address the workforce shortage. By involving students, schools and dealer members, the Foundation plans to bring a pipeline of skilled workers into the industry. This includes increasing the quantity of technicians and quality through The AED Foundation’s accredited and recognized school programs. Both aspects play an essential role in building a strong foundation for the future of the industry. See how AEDF breaks Vision 2024 down into numbers here

The AED Foundation plans on improving the number of technicians by bringing accredited and recognized schools together with dealers. Part of Vision 2024, The AED Foundation plans to accredit 100 colleges and recognize 50 high schools within the next few years. With this goal, the Foundation believes that a steady flow of technicians will be entering the workforce for years to come. By accrediting more schools across North America, these schools will receive more attention not only from students but also dealers. The AED Foundation’s accreditation and recognition programs are both beneficial to schools because they are receiving industry recognition that holds their educational programs to a higher standard, increasing the desire for student enrollment. 

The AED Foundation is continuously working with accredited colleges, recognized high schools, and dealers to improve the quality of technicians currently employed and entering the workforce. AEDF’s accredited college programs and recognized high school programs are thoroughly assessed throughout the process. The result is a rigorous program that ensures students receive the most prestigious education in the industry and are well equipped to move on to a role as a technician. Students at AEDF’s accredited colleges and recognized high schools are required to complete testing to finish the program, which ensures they are on par with the Foundation’s standards. Dealers, on the other hand, may require technicians to complete AEDF’s Certified Technician Program to demonstrate that their employees are adequately qualified and to improve any weak points in a technician’s skill set. Additionally, this is beneficial to employees as it displays the dealer’s interest in their education and ability to advance in their careers. 

Overall, recruiting more technicians with top certifications in the industry will help to minimize the workforce shortage. The AED Foundation’s Certified Technician Program reassures customers that they can trust technicians to perform services effectively while reflecting well on dealers for their efforts to employ and maintain a qualified technician. With more qualified technicians, dealers are easily able to improve service to their customers. Also, skilled technicians will enhance the industry benchmark for what it takes to be a well-qualified technician. In contrast, new technicians can prove to dealers they are the most qualified entry-level technicians available. 

As a part of Vision 2024, the Foundation finds extreme importance in increasing the number of technicians entering the workforce. By focusing not only the quantity but the quality of technicians, The AED Foundation is working to better the industry as a whole by adhering students to recognized industry standards. 



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