Rental Strategy, Business Models, and Operations: Common Dealer Practices

The second speaker of AED’s day 1 virtual Leadership Conference was Dick Stewart, who discussed with participators the leadership opportunities surrounding rentals. This session, titled Rental Strategy, Business Models and Operations: Common Dealer Practices, was sponsored by JT Bates Group, a rental insurance company that offers a wide range of equipment management solutions. 

Stewart’s session went in-depth on leadership opportunities in rentals. Stewart offered the audience data in easy-to-read graphs that displayed information such as the rise in rentals. 

He continued his presentation by detailing the impact that company culture has on an organization, and the effect this has on revenue, stating “Culture is not an ambiguous thing, if you’ve got 100 people in an organization you have 100 different ideas on what culture means.” 

Stewart finished his session by answering questions from participants as well as touching on successful strategies found in dealer strategy, including the rent-to-sell model, rent-to-rent model and hybrid model. In addition, Stewart discussed inbound and outbound management roles. 

The information that Stewart focused on can be found in the Rental Report, available for purchase here 

As many participants had additional questions, Stewart kindly provided his contact information for those looking to reach out, and can be reached at 


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