The Ins & Outs of the 2020 Leadership Conference

Crises, or times of intense difficulty when decisions need to be made quickly, are always a chance to learn and improve. Being in a leadership position means handling unexpected scenarios in your company efficiently and effectively. We are all feeling the impact of external distractions from the COVID-19 outbreak that are testing our abilities to lead, ensure productivity, and achieve business goals.

AED knows that being a leader during and after a worldwide pandemic is new to everyone and your Association is here to provide the necessary tools and education to prepare leaders across the business for this challenge and future ones. The Leadership Conference is an active representation of AED’s commitment to Association members who value the importance of leadership development for individuals called upon to lead in all aspects of the business.
Reflect on the various leadership challenges that have arisen over the past year. Do any of the following features of the Conference resonate with you or your team for preparing for future challenges?

1. Strengthen your business relationship network and share knowledge and experiences with other equipment distribution leaders on best management practices during a crisis

2. Learn how to better handle the uncertainty that comes with unprecedented situations

3. In a collaborative environment, reflect on your experiences in worst-case scenarios to build a strategic plan for your team’s future

4. Tactics for streamlining the online communication process both internally and externally during unorthodox times where information changes rapidly

5. Develop flexible prioritization techniques and projects that will generate revenue for your business

6. Update your awareness on emerging technological trends and the impact they could have on your business

7. Determine how a crisis can be your best opportunity to come up with new skills to advance company performance

8. Utilize this time to recognize weak spots and explore how your company can become more flexible and adaptable for future hardship

9. Though a crisis may be unsettling, you can prepare your team for the next big thing by identifying techniques to prevent being susceptible to a “won’t happen to me” attitude

10. Make a difference in your dealership and build cohesion among leadership teams by investing personal leadership development.

When unexpected things happen, rethink your plan and move forward. Register now at


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