Top 4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Complete Training!

The AED Foundation’s certified manager programs can be the next step for your employees to fast track their career and prepare for a management role! These courses are completed entirely online and can be finished in less time than completing a semester of college! If you’re looking to level up your dealership, consider offering these industry-specific courses to your employees! Certified manager programs (CMP) feature a variety of topics to choose from, including:

Parts Management 
Rental Management 
Branch Management
Sales Management 
Service Management 

1: Communicate the Benefits 
To spark employee interest, it’s important to discuss the benefits that the Foundation’s CMP entails. With clear communication about the program, employees have a better understanding of what to expect while completing the courses and can plan to implement these practices into their careers. The investment in a CMP provides a benefit to both the dealership and employees, and showcasing these perks to employees is a sure way to grab their attention!

2: Get Involved
Offering help to employees who need it can go a long way during the training process. Check-in with employees every step of the way to see how they feel about the program and listening to the feedback shows that you are invested in them. Paying attention to their concerns shows them that the learning process is just as important, if not more critical, as completing the program.

3: Provide Incentive 
Reward employees who enroll in the CMPs with a treat, such as a free lunch, to show your appreciation for their hard work!

4: Prioritize Evaluation
If you find one of your employees is struggling with course material, offer assistance to help them succeed. Being there for your employees every step of the way can ensure better retention of the skills and knowledge they gain in the course, and your efforts will not be forgotten.

Ready to take the leap and invest in your company and employees? Find The AED Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs here.

Any questions on The AED Foundation’s CMPs can be directed to the Foundation’s Vice President of Education and Programs, Liz McCabe, at


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