Virtual Washington Policy Briefing – A Conversation with Election Analyst Nathan Gonzales Recap

The Washington Policy Briefing concluded with the event’s keynote speaker, Nathan Gonzales. Gonzales offered his nonpartisan analysis of the presidential, House and Senate elections. 

Gonzales said that based on the polls and trends up to this point, Vice President Biden has an advantage over President Trump. Much of this is due to Trump currently underperforming in key states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, when compared to 2016. Additionally, Gonzales remarked that the polls have been relatively unchanged for the past few months and more than 86 percent of voters have already settled on how they will vote. Even significant news events aren’t changing the polling one way or the other. 

Given Trump’s lagging in the polls, Gonzales said that the Democrats have the advantage in taking control of the Senate. However, he did note that the industry should plan for either outcome. Finally, he also said the Democrats will likely keep the House majority. The bigger question is whether Republicans can gain some seats to narrow the Democratic advantage in the chamber. 

Looking to November, Gonzales advised attendees that election results will likely be delayed, given the number of mail-in ballots anticipated.     

Gonzales’ session was sponsored by KCoe, a CPA Consulting Firm.  

Sentry Insurance underwrote AED’s Virtual Washington Briefing. 


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